Senin, 18 Januari 2016

Refugees could be "swayed" by law

Thousands of refugees could be "swayed by law," due to the berbeda-bedanya rules of the border diteapkan the countries of Western Europe in the face of a wave of arrivals of refugees, UNHCR warned.
The UN Agency for refugees that called for Europe to build centres of refugee reception center in the countries where the influx of refugees.
Earlier, Germany enacted a freebie on the border with Austria.
The Minister of the Interior of Europe is scheduled to conduct an emergency meeting to discuss the refugee crisis, Monday (14/9) afternoon.
Their agenda discusses how to deploy 16000 asylum seekers into the 23 EU Member States through mandatory quotas. Initial discussion throughout the early weeks to create draft documents, ended without a deal.
In general European difficulties cope with the flood of refugees mostly from Syria, plus some from Afghanistan, Eritrea and other countries, which escape from the violence and poverty.
Most of the refugees refused to be registered in countries such as Hungary and Greece, for fear of not being able to obtain asylum in Germany and other developed countries.
UNHCR expresses anxiety, that a refugee who sought refuge that can be "terlunta-lunta in the uncertainties of the law."
To pass, the determination of border checking steps vary by several European countries, "underlined the urgency of sends comprehensive step of Europe."
This step should be based on the establishment of refugee reception centres are effectively "with appropriate and adequate help, register and check those arriving in Greece, Italy, and Hubgaria."

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